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Nancy & Brock

I know I said the next few blogs were going to be for the crumbsnatchers, but I had to post just a few images of Nancy & Brock. They’d asked if we could shoot at an old barn for their engagements, and it just so happens I’ve got a good friend by the name of Dean who has just such a barn. In fact, if I could afford it, I’d chopper that whole thing over to the back yard of my studio and shoot to my heart’s content. The character and the history it holds within its old boards and rusty nails can’t be fabricated. On the way out, I was thinking about taking them up into the loft, where the floorboards creak and the chance of falling through is a crazy reality. Then Nancy just casually mentions, “Brock actually fell off of a barn and broke his neck, just like Christopher Reeves, only the other direction, and that’s the only reason he’s not paralyzed….when was that honey?” Brock says, “That was Memorial Day weekend, three years ago this weekend!” My stomach dropped down to the brake pedal and I’m thinking, do we really need to tempt fate? Do I really want to be shooting these two love birds and then see Brock lose his footing or crash through the floor and out the camera frame….would that be good for the mood??? Believe it or not, we did it anyway! It was this hair-raising challenge, a feat that we found ourselves unable to walk away from. Up we went and I could feel the barn shifting with every step. The shots were breathtaking and sexy and intimate. The love between them was somehow highlighted in that place. The light was golden and Nancy looked as near to an angel as any human could possibly be as she stood in this dark old barn with just one stream of sunlight casting through the window. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

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