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Nerves of STEEL!

I had to take a break from the pictures to post this… My boy and I have Father/Son Day. It’s just the boys, and we do fun things that just boys like to do. You know, hiking, exploring, County Fair Arcade…:) Well, this week it was climbing to the top of the old lookout tower in our town. Shooting up like some kind of prehistoric rocket over 50 feet into the air, it looked to be a thrill for a 6 year old boy, so off we went. From the bottom, it’s very impressive, but then when you get to the top, on a windy day like today, you can feel the whole thing swaying back and forth. It’s this great, slumbering, sleepwalking Giant kind of feeling. Just as I was taking pictures of the surroundings I commented on how scary it was up there and that we should get down, because it was too windy. I heard my boy saying in his Superhero voice, “I Laugh in the face of Danger!” I didn’t quite put it together, and I just chuckled while looking through the lens out over the tree tops, until I spun around and saw this! See below:

At first I about dropped the camera! My heart skipped about 5 beats, and I was unsure what to do. I knew if I lunged for him he’d slip and fall out of sheer surprise, so I slowly raised the camera and snapped a picture. Over 50 feet up in the air and there he was, with certain death at the slightest slip, cool as a cucumber! Talk about nerves of STEEL! I was so impressed!! Look at the picture, one foot was even hovering above the plank!

He climbed down under his own steam, and I told him that if his mother ever found out that I let him do that I’d be a dead man. All the way home we laughed and talked about doing it again next week.

So are any of you mom’s completely freaking out yet, ready to find me somehow and pummel me into the ground? Would you let YOUR sons get away with this? 🙂

We both decided while we were up there it would be great to fake a shot for Mommy and act like we really did it.

The picture isn’t real.

Are you insane!? That boy would have blisters on his bottom if he ever pulled something like that. Not to mention that my wife would have promptly ended my life long before I could ever post something about it.

Hey, it was a much needed break!

Have a great day!

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