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New! Reception Party Favors for Our Brides

Well the title pretty much explains it, but to give you some background, Kari and I have been kicking around the idea of offering a party favor for our brides to leave out on their reception tables. One side, an image of couple from the engagements for everyone to take home,

and the other with a Thank You and information for the guests as to where they can log-on to see the images from the wedding day. That way anyone can get online and see that groovy picture of Uncle Bob and his latest dance move. 😉

We decided to put the question to all of our girls this season, and the response has been overwhelming. Literally. 100% thumbs up.

So looks like we’ll be designing favors all day today. 🙂

I think, with this kind of response, it’s going to become an automatic addition to all of our packages as a courtesy and a thank you. Plus we get to customize things by using the colors from your wedding, to compliment the rest of the decorations.

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