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New Sign for the New Studio

It’s not been the easiest for people to find our new studio location, especially since our town has two streets marked as Aspen, only a few hundred feet apart, and they are in polar opposite directions… I end up, as some of you are well aware, standing on the corner of the building, waving clients in on the cell phone. All fine and dandy until it’s 6 feet of snow and a blizzard, then I don’t think I’d like too much to tell people to turn when they see the frozen…snowman with a phone? Well, we poured the hole and got the pipe welded for a new sign that was delivered, but then the guys took a break for the Memorial Day weekend. It was going to be sometime after Tuesday before they’d be back…. So I talked a good friend of mine, Mr. Torrey Babb, into taking a few minutes out of our Sunday and we hoisted it up, just the two of us, despite some warnings and remarks from my wife, having something to do with my impatience and my butterfinger hands, dollar signs, etc. etc. 🙂

But hey, it’s a sign, it’s up. And now you’ll know how to find us. 🙂

From I-90, take Splitrock south all the way through Brandon until you see the sign. Turn right on Aspen, just before the sign, and then take the first left into the culdesac. Ta da! There we are.

From 10th Street, take Highway 11 North just past Living Springs Church, where again, you’ll see the sign. Take the first left after the sign, then the first left into the culdesac. That’s us.

Hope this makes it easier. 🙂 Have a great rest of your day!

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