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Nicole & Jess

We zipped up to Brookings for Nicole and Jess’s wedding a few weeks ago. We were trying to wrap everything up to go on vacation, so I didn’t get a chance to put up any of her images until today. These two had some smoldering engagements that I loved, and on her wedding day Nicole made a stunning bride. The curves and the lines of her dress were amazing, and her eyes are full of captivation. As a guy, photographing the groom, I look for something totally different in Jess. I look for the man that God has planned. I look for patience, for fortitude, for quiet disposition. A comforter, a supporter to his bride. In the eyes of a groom, you’ll quickly discover how far down the road he’s come in life. And Jess was a trooper, sticking it out through a very hot and humid afternoon, in full tux getup, all to finally say I Do to the girl he loves.

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