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Nikki & Casey

We had a really great time with Nikki & Casey. I mean, c’mon, any couple that includes their puppy on their wedding day, well, they’re automatically friends of mine. 🙂 It was also a thrill for us to see 2 couples from the past 2 years whose weddings we had the opportunity to shoot, and being able to connect the dots, it’s amazing. Word of mouth is literally about 95% of our work, and it’s affirming to us that customer service and being remarkable are paramount in our business. At the reception they had the rule that if anyone wanted them to kiss that there’d be no glass clinking. Instead the requesting couple would have to ‘demonstrate’ the kiss, and the newlyweds would have to mimic the form. Well, as I’m shooting I’m always asking the bride and groom to focus in on eachother and just give a little kiss….so Nikki and Casey turned the tables on me. They grabbed the microphone and announced to a few hundred guests that the photographers were husband and wife, and that they would be now be demonstrating the kiss… Wow. If you know me, I’m the guy who stays OUT of the limelight. I don’t want a few hundred pairs of eyes on me, I like to hang back unnoticed, capturing the moments…not making them! So I have to admit I was a little shaken. It was a good thing I had such a beautiful bride of my own, ready and willing, in front of everyone, to kiss me with all her love, and a bridesmaid with camera-ready, there to capture the one shot I did NOT get of Nikki & Casey’s day. 🙂

See the fire alarm next to us…that was in case things got just a little too hot. 😛 Just kidding. Thanks so much for the fun!

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