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Our New Name

Well folks, we’ve made the leap to our new name. Is there ever a good time to do this? Probably not. And yes, I loved the name Captured Moments. We’ve had that name for about 5 years now. But there have been several business start up recently that have taken names that are so similar to ours that it’s beginning to cause confusion. I hope you’ll all get comfortable with the new name and stick around? I’m comfortable with it… 🙂 just kidding. Anyway, I’ll get back to posting the good stuff shortly, just thought I’d better get this out there. It’s on the sign out front, on the door, on the vehicles, on the business cards, on the website, so I guess it’s pretty much official. We are now Dan Elliott Photography. Now I’ve got to go get Jimmy and Amy’s wedding pictures online before the family puts a hit out on me. Take care everyone!

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