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Pretty in Pink

Danielle stopped in for her final consult today before her wedding. She’s usually a very faithful blog reader, but isn’t caught up lately because the love of her life, Neemah, is finally back in town, and they are finishing up with the last minute details. I had my son and daughter at the studio today when she stopped in, and I couldn’t resist a picture of Danielle with my Abby. See, Danielle is very much how I picture Abby when she’s all grown up. Sweet, strikingly beautiful, soft-hearted, and at the same time, she can change the oil in the car, fix a flat or, according to Neemah, throw a punch faster and better than either of us. And yet, as you can see by the picture, they both share a serious obsession with all girl-things pink (note Danielle’s tiny purse, Abby’s shoes, Danielle’s shirt, Abby’s hat, Danielle’s cell phone, Abby’s pants… 🙂 I love it. Danielle is very passionate about the arts, and Abby has that same passion running through her veins. In fact, she had to perform a new, original dance for Neemah and Danielle while they were here. She’s still getting her balance and right now she falls when she tries her triple-spin, but you just wait…Someday, just like Danielle with her violin, people will come to see her on the stage.

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