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Rough Draft

It’s a rough draft because our band isn’t finished with the song, and I’m not finished with the quality of the video yet…but that’s why they call it a rough draft right?

You can see the images from Haiti while listening to the song by clicking here:

Haiti It’s only in rough draft form. The guys already want to redo guitar and vocal tracks, and the slideshow quality isn’t even that great, but that’s why they call it a rough draft right?

The message? That’s right on.

I left for Haiti, thinking the guys would be rehearsing our music for the Firehouse, but instead when I came back they wanted to me to hear a song that our drummer David had written for a young girl going through a rough spot.

Right away I thought it wouldn’t be ready to put into our playlist for the show and was ready to put it aside, but the moment I heard it, I knew immediately that the Lord had a message for someone in the words and the music.

When we played the song at the show, a youth leader came up to David and told him that during the song he’d been thinking about a specific girl that had come to his youth group.

It was the same girl.

The song was written for her, it’s purpose for existing is because of her, and yet while I was going through the images of Haiti, I realized that this song speaks on many levels. It is a call to the desperate. Haiti is a desperate place.

Psalm 42 really gives us the same message. When we’re down, when we’re broken, we need only to remember the size of our God. To remember the things He’s done for us in our life. He’s always with us. He’s there for us, and He cares. He always keeps His promises.

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