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Rough Lumber Update

Just to update, the band is going to open and close for Project 52 at Living Springs on November 18th. It’s a youth event that is reaching out to kids in the area. It’s our first gig. 🙂 doesn’t that sound so odd coming from me? For those of you who have donated already, a big Thank You from the guys. David, our drummer, says he wants to just throw his arms around you and give you a great big kiss. 🙂 We had them keeping the doors open for us at Guitar Center last night so we could get there and buy David’s drum amp. We have the basic equipment thanks to donations to play anywhere we can plug in. The next step is to start recording and secure a site where we can post the music and ministry. We’ll get some shots of the guys so you can atleast see our ugly mugs, and I figure I should know somebody around here who can take a good picture 😉

It’s a start. You can still donate by clicking the Paypal button below.

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