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Ryan & Briana

We really wanted to get some outdoor shots with Ryan and Briana, but we didn’t have just any day to work with. He’s home on leave from the military for just a few more days, and she had to get back to college for classes, so we took what we had and made the best of it. Inside, we had warm, cozy pictures, and then these two braved it all when they agreed to go outside into what nearly amounted to a South Dakota blizzard. Our plan was to go straight from the warm cars right to a patch of trees for some cover, but folks, in 30-below with heavy driving snow so thick it covers anything in a matter of minutes, it just wasn’t gonna happen. We made it all but half way, and nobody could take any more. They were troopers! Especially Ryan, whose stationed in Southern Texas, where an old friend of mine who lives there just told me she’s thinking of putting a sweater on….because it’s 70 degrees!

It was the shortest outdoor shoot ever, less than 5 minutes, closer to 3 :), but what we captured was precious. There’s just something about cold snow and the need to snuggle in closer for body warmth, maybe the cold has just frozen my brain, but I loved them so much I added them to my portfolio to show our brides.

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