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These last two weeks have been a blur. Weddings, family shoots, kid shoots, seniors, a little business session, and today even a maternity session with one of our former brides which is very exciting for us. I think that just about covers everything we do?? Praise God. Business is good, and all of the diversity between clients has made for some amazing and breathtaking images. I think our assistant Melissa is on overload with the number of pictures coming through the doors right now, but she’s learning and growing in leaps and bounds as a result.

I’ll post some quick favorites from each of the different sessions as time permits. For now, here’s a few of Sarah, a senior that we had the opportunity to shoot. She was so casual and laid back, and the day was unbelievably warm. So warm she jumped in the water at the end of the session and made us all jealous. There we were overheating and she was nice and cool.

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