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Sarah & Jeremy’s Wedding

Here’s a few shots from Sarah & Jeremy’s wedding. At the rehearsal it was snowing, but by the next afternoon, it was nice enough to get outdoors for some of the pictures. These two are so laid back and fun-loving, and when we were focused on them, the rest of the hub-bub was lost. The bell-ringers played one of my favorite parts in this wedding. They were in perfect harmony as they rang out the music, note by note, and it was a pleasure to listen to that sound echoing in the chambers of the sanctuary.

Her grandfather is a pastor, and watching him stand up for them to read from the good book will be a treasured moment.

Here’s one of my favorite shots of Sarah, sitting in the pew as the sunlight came through the window. She looked like she belonged there in that moment, and this is how I’ll always remember her day.

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