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Senior Announcements

Here are just some of the senior announcements we’ve been preparing in the last week or so. It’s that time of year. 🙂

On a side note. Everything in the studio is once again up and running, only 5 days after the storm. We’ve moved the office end of the business back to our home temporarily, because the water that came into the studio originated from that corner near the windows, and I just won’t trust the electrical outlets until they’ve been inspected, but we only live about a minute from the studio, so there shouldn’t be much of a hiccup from the client side of things. 🙂 Sorry for any inconveniences in getting the orders out this week, folks. It just wasn’t something we could plan for. We have began looking at other studio locations, and within a few months we might announce a move, so be watching. 🙂 I had an engagement shoot last night and finally got to even go outdoors! YAY!!!! For those of you who don’t know, I get SERIOUS cabin fever waiting for the warmer weather. I think I start asking families before the snow is really even thawed, on 35 degree days, if they’d like to brave it outside. Usually I get turned down for fear of rosy cheeks, but after being confined to the studio for months of winter, an outdoor shoot, to me, is bliss. 🙂 Getting to shoot outside in God’s beauty, using His backdrops, is priceless to me. Every blade of grass is a work of art, and I love getting a fresh look at that every Spring. I’ll never tire of it. Have a great day!!

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