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Shannon & Jared

The vows were in Canton at one of my favorite churches on a very short list, and the day was as beautifully sunny and warm as could be, just right for a wedding. After the ceremony the wedding party was whisked away to Terrace Park, where everyone and there dog had gathered for the day. Literally. There was even a patch of ground ear-marked for a very classy Lassie, getting primped for her first-class pet shoot. We found throngs of couples, 2 other weddings and dozens, yes dozens, of prom-goers. There were at least 4 other photographers. 🙂 But amidst the gowns and tuxedos and cumber buns and corsages…there were these two, in a moment of bliss, and nothing that was swirling around them mattered or compared. They were strikingly in love, locked forever in one anothers eyes, and the day truly belonged to them.

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