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Soon to be Arriving…

I have to say I thought this soon-to-be mom was absolutely breath taking.

Wow. I couldn’t figure it out during the shoot, but I just knew Tiffany reminded me of someone famous. Then as I was sifting through the images, it dawned on me. One quick internet search to pull up a picture to compare, and there it was…Kari agreed. Renee Russo!

Yes. And can you believe she’s never heard that before?

Chad was great to work with. I can tell he’s looking forward to this new chapter in life. He smiles in love, every time he looks down at the little one still hidden away, and I can see in his eyes he wants to provide stability for his family.

What better place for a dad to start? I remember being in his shoes. I remember being resolute to tackle the world, do whatever it takes, to take care of my new family.

I think Chad’s determination to be there for his family is part of the reason that Tiffany smiles so much.

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