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South Dakota’s Abortion Ban. Stand Up.





Abigail. Where does life begin??

Maybe it has something to do with the number of little ones that I’ve photographed over the years? Maybe it’s because I’ve studied them on their level or in their mother’s arms, through the lens. The way they smile, the way they trust. I know it will be a good shoot whenever we have a Newborn session, because I know that there is life brimming over in their eyes, and all I have to do is point that camera and push that button, and I will capture something magnificent, because that’s just what they are. I see new Moms and Dads, bristling with a new responsibility, unsure of their future and yet purposed to guide and protect and teach. I see brothers and sisters instinctively hugging and holding and kissing and smothering with love…..and I know that they are precious. I don’t doubt it, not for a second. They are a gift.

In talking with others about our state’s abortion ban, I’ve heard several sides of a very heated subject. I’ve heard arguments for exception to rape and incest, arguments that if a mother can’t afford a baby she shouldn’t have to bring one into the world, arguments that if someone isn’t ready they shouldn’t be forced to term. I’ve heard people angry, people confused, about our legislators, saying that they have gone against their oath because they swore to uphold the Constitution, that this is in direct violation of Roe V. Wade. I’ve visited Planned Parenthood’s website and I’ve heard Kate Looby on the airwaves….

When we stepped into World War II, a generation of arguably the most courageous men and women laid down their differences and took a stand. They didn’t make excuses or run from the battle, and they didn’t ask how high the cost would be, because it didn’t have any bearing on our country’s decision to do what was morally right. They were there when the boats pushed ashore at D-Day, and they committed to staying the course until war was won. They never gave up. The world considered it a horrible inhumanity when we learned that 6 million lives had been taken in the death camps. Nations were shocked and ashamed that this had taken place, on their watch, in their own back yard. For the last 30 years the landscape of America has been shaped and defined by a court decision that has to date effectively lead to the termination of over 47 million babies. Almost 8 times that of the Holocaust. Are we shocked or ashamed? Is this a horrible inhumanity? Over 47 million lives taken, and not one of them has ever spoken a word, not one of them has ever offended another human being. They were innocent. What sealed their fate for most was simply this… A beating heart. The same as you. The same as me. And yet, we were given the right to life, the chance to make a difference in the world. Why weren’t they? 21% say it’s because they didn’t have the money, and another 21% didn’t feel it was their responsibility. 16% just didn’t like the idea of how it might change their lives… The amount of money in a mother’s pocketbook determines life? Irresponsibility is an excuse, a reason stated, to take the life of a child? Yes, even the notion that life just wouldn’t be the same, that’s a reason? It’s time that we take ownership of our decisions. It’s time for us to remember that these little ones are a gift. A precious gift given to us only for a little while, to raise them and teach them the best we can before we have to let them go.

Someone said yesterday that we should “deal with reality and not false hopes”.

I say the only difference between false hope and reality is action. It’s having the courage to stand up. To stop talking and start walking. We shouldn’t be asking what is the cost. We should ask ourselves what is right, and then we should stand up for the little ones who can’t stand up for themselves, and speak for those who can’t. That’s our job and our responsibility, not just as Americans, as Human Beings.

Stand up America. Step into the battle and make your voice heard. And don’t do it for you. Do it for them. There are ways you can help. Yes. You. One voice CAN make a difference.

You can also help by contacting South Dakota’s Board of Tourism, and let them know that you support the bill. Fight the Pro-Abortion Boycott of our state’s tourism. Spend your vacation here. Let them know that you are behind this. Phone Number: (605) 773-3301 Web Site: Comment:

Call the governor at 605-773-3212 and leave a message asking him to please sign HB1215, or shoot him a quick email here.

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