Sprout the Fairy

So Sprout the Fairy stopped in the other day, and began getting into her character. Wings, boots, leafed crown, feathers, flute, and all. But there was still a touch missing. It was on her arms and face that we just needed to take things up a notch, to make her more believable as a true Woodland Fairy.

This one definitely goes in the books as one of my favorite shoots…. wanna know the secret? Body-painting. Yep. First time in my life I’ve ever had the chance to actually draw on someone, and it was alot of fun. Granted, I’m not a pro with all the different makeup, we were just using crayola washable markers (from my kids’ collection) and different eyeliner pencils, but wow. It was like taking years of a 2 dimensional artistry with Photoshop and making it real world. Something about the body as a canvas was really inspiring to me.

I think another reason I really enjoyed this session was the fact that we were dealing with the world of make-believe. I could let go with colors, with creating fairy dust, with making the world around Sprout this canvas of an almost surreal dream. I was allowed to break all of my own rules in regards to what’s natural and what’s over the top, because in this case I wanted to stay on the outside of reality looking in.

Sprout the Fairy may be bookable soon for a childrens party near you. She’s just now getting her wings….no really, literally, so look for her soon as she develops her niche. www.sproutthefairy.com

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