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Staked Out

what on earth could this picture possibly signify, you’re thinking…

…well, this little stake with the dainty orange ribbon happens to be the proverbial “X” that marks the spot. This little stake is pounded into the ground…into our ground, our land, where our new studio is about to be built. It’s a done deal, nothing left now but to sign the papers and dig in… and the rest of the promise is up to us. God’s already delivered His part… ‘We are God’s workmanship, His masterpiece, His handiwork, literally translated, His Poem, created in Him to do the good works that He’s already prepared for us to do.’ Ephesians 2:10. That’s my life verse, and it means more to me today than ever before. Life comes down to knowing and doing, I’ve found. Knowing God has our best plans at heart, our best interests in mind, it’s then up to us to purpose our lives after that promise, isn’t it? To pound that stake down into the ground, to claim it for good works, and to break that ground, that’s all just the doing. The rest…well, that’s the Masterpiece. 🙂

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