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Standing on the Word

We finished the floors late in the afternoon on Sunday, just in time. Kari and I had the mops, Logan had the steam cleaner, and Abby had a squeejee. We had the doors wide open to let the breeze air dry the rest of the mop water, and the wind was just gushing through the studio. My boy thought it was something special that the whole Elliott family came together to get the floors ready. Then all day Sunday and into Monday, friends and family came to visit. They all got Sharpie Markers and there were extra bibles scattered throughout the building, in all sorts of translations. One by one, everyone who wanted to got to write their favorite scripture onto the concrete, and since we are staining the floors, the hope is that the words will still show through on the finished coat. The rest of those two days are a mixture of emotions for me. What a blessing to read and see so much of God’s word, spilled into every nook and cranny. To see what verses people chose, to see the creativity, and even the penmanship of the little ones that came to write, was really something I hope to never forget. The fellowship was amazing, and from the bottom of our hearts, thanks to everyone who took a moment to share those verses that have made such a difference in your lives. The pictures will tell the rest of the story. 🙂

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