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Steph & Adam

There were alot of tears at our last wedding. More than the usual. Grandma’s, Dad’s, Mom’s, Sister’s, The Bride, The Groom, Kari….and, well I just had something in my eye, a log or something! 🙂 That Father of the Groom speech….wow. Emotions certainly ran high from the beginning to the end. But Kari and I love these kinds of weddings. We can blend in and really capture those moments, and it’s a great feeling to turn that around and give that gift back in pictures. It’s something special to be able to look at those pictures years later and still remember how you felt, what you were thinking in that snapshot of time. (Especially when you’ve got a memory like mine. I lost my wallet and then my phone for about a month straight.) It was a chilly day for Steph, and when we let the back door slip while outside the church, it locked behind us. Click…Whoops. But no worries. There was Kari sprinting around the entire perimeter of the building, doing the 100-yard Dash down the hallway as I got to snap a few “Honey, please-warm-me-up” pictures. 🙂 The rest of the day was amazing and playful, from the wheelchair races to the best wedding party speeches that I’ve ever heard. It was an honor for us to be a part of the celebration. Now, thanks to her sister Mandy, we get the chance to relive it all in a fresh and new way all her own. She’s now set to give her heart away next year.

Thanks very much Steph and Adam, and thanks to the mother of the bride for the beautiful flowers. She’ll be going into business soon, turning that talented art of hers into what I’m sure will be a successful wedding service for brides all over.

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