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Steph & Justin

Steph and Justin had a very unique wedding. Part Aussie, Part American, and as casual and comfortable as they come. Almost everything was candid, and the day just flowed.

It was the first time I got sidelined by the priest, but it was my fault. I didn’t understand that in that church I wasn’t allowed to capture them walking down the aisle, not until he walked up and told me to get!

No big deal, we still captured everything, just from more creative angles. 🙂

Granted, there was more running around than usual. I got to go truckin’ around with the Father of the Bride from one location to the next, from the neighbors house to the old church full of Aussies in their undershorts, getting ready for the day, to driving down some country roads to find a good looking barn with some colorful character…. Yep, a barn.

Something so ordinary to folks up here, but according to Justin, unknown in Australia. So Steph’s dad worked it out with some friends, and by the end of the wedding we were following the bride and groom down a gravel road in a hand-made, mint condition Mustang convertable…to a beautiful old barn. It was speckled red and grey from those long years of cold winters and hot summers, and the owners had actually considered slapping on a fresh coat of paint. I’m glad they let it go one more year, because the beauty of timelessness was there, somehow, captured and worked into the wood, and it gave their images a quality as unique and beautiful as their relationship. I’m glad we got to be there with them to experience the day, because these two share a great love, for life and for eachother, and that’s part of what makes this job not really a job at all, but more of an inspiration.

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