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Swimmin’ with the Fishes

Her Mommy and her brother have been away on a missions trip to Mexico for over a week, so my daughter has been trying very hard to cope. She’s told me every day since they left that I’m only allowed to work after she falls asleep. 🙂 Literally, I sit down at the computer to tone images and there she is, hovering. We’ve had play dates, sleepovers, movie dates, trips to the library, trips to the hardware store (for free tootsie rolls), the Washington Pavillion Cinedome to see Dinosaurs Alive….you name it, we’ve done it. Anything to keep our minds off of missing Mommy and her best friend, big bro.

Yesterday, a friend of mine called to tell me they had 2 spare goldfish that needed a home or their future would have a dismal, flushed ending, so we went to the pet store….can you guess how this one ends? Well, we didn’t walk out with the cat she desperately had to have ‘as soon as our cat dies’, or the bird, or the chinchilla, or the hamster, but we did drop a Franklin on a fish tank and the many, many accessories that come with them. And now we have Star and Beauty, a boy and a girl goldfish. The namesakes are courtesy of my girl.

The dog and the cat, as you can see in the pictures, are completely enchanted by them, see the way the cat is just lovingly hugging the tank…yeah right, THAT’S what he’s doing. 🙂

This morning I heard Abby telling them, “You can’t break this glass, because then the police will arrest us, and we’ll go to jail, and we can’t go there, because then there won’t be anybody to feed all of you animals!” I need to see what kind of cool-aid that girl’s been drinking 😉

She promised me and took and oath that she would be responsible and feed them, day and night, and I got it on tape. Evidence for the coming day when I hear a moan and a groan about how it’s, SO…HARD, (gasp) TO…TAKE, (ugh)CARE, OF (whimper)…THEM!!! 🙂

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