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Taige Ryan Webb

This is Taige, brand new baby girl to Ryan and Amanda. She’s a very happy baby who right now loves to eat and sleep. She’s very comfortable in her mom and dad’s arms, and she’s got it made. Ryan is a quick-witted new dad with a knack for striking up a conversation, and get this, he loves to change those diapers. Right away he gets extra marks in my book. That was one thing I never liked to do, and when I did, it was always a task begrudgingly undertaken. I think personally, Ryan is just okay with it now because these are the cute moments, the ‘wee-wee’s and doo-doo’s’… The day will come my friend, after that last spoonful of Gerbers sweet potato and green beans, that you will hear a sound, almost a dull roar, like that of some kind of deranged grizzly bear, only, it will be coming out of your little angel. The impossibility will strike up a curiosity and a need to check those drawers, and this is where I must warn you, life will change. Life may have been all rose-colored glasses and caviar dreams until then, and I promise you won’t be any cute names for the aftermath. It will be one of those moments unfit for description. I’d recommend rubber gloves, like the kind that are yellow and go up to your elbows… 🙂

Amanda, the new mommy, is a very bright young lady who took my old job at Wells Fargo. She could have taken it over about 2 weeks after she got there, smart as she is, because she was showing me shortcuts and timesavers before her first month-end. I think they only let me stay on there after that out of mercy. Kinda like the old dog that just doesn’t have any tricks left in him, they just let him lay out on the porch and get a little more toasty before the sun sets… Amanda is one of those ladies who could assume any role as long as she puts her mind to it, so I’ll never be surprised to hear she’s either moved up the ladder or just plain took the elevator. She’ll find a way.

Ryan and Amanda have always been a pleasure to photograph, and now with Taige, getting to capture this new family is a real honor.

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