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Taige & Teigen

Well folks, Taige is shooting up like some kind of Spring flower, and Teigen will be walking, scratch that, strutting before we blink. So Amanda and Ryan thought it would be best to get these little stinkers in for pictures. There just wasn’t time to wait for baby number 3, on schedule to be ushered into the family later this summer, so we’ll be re-shooting out at a park near you in the coming months.

Amanda and I have been friends for awhile now. I hired her to replace me back in the Wells Fargo days, and I’ve said it before that she was ready to take my job by Day #2. I think by the time I left the company everyone (including my boss) was wondering not just who I was, but what it was exactly that I did 😉 This girl is smart as a whip. I’ve tried to get her to come and work for me for years, but I think there’s just not enough incentive. Lifetime pictures just doesn’t pay the bills I guess….sigh. Can’t say I didn’t try. Since the corporate days I’ve had the good fortune to witness her growing family in pictures, from their engagements, all the way until now, and it’s certainly been a pleasure. Ryan, well I still don’t know everything there is to know about Ryan, he’s such the shy and quiet type. (yeah right). I do know one new thing, and it’s that he’s a runner, and he can run alot faster than me. He went buzzing by the studio at break-neck speed last year and left me spinning. 🙂 Seriously though, every time I see Ryan with the kids, he’s smiling, he’s comfortable, and they are holding onto their daddy. That’s the mark of a good dad. I’m looking forwarding to getting everyone outdoors at the park so the kids can just tear it up.

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