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Thank You Miss Kelly

This is one the cutest emails I’ve ever gotten, so I had to share. We changed the blog over to the new website in January, and the old blog address is still active. For the past few months, if anyone had bookmarked the old site, it would have seemed I just stopped blogging after our blog about our new stray kitty, Angel. Here’s the email, from my son’s former, still favorite, pre-school teacher. We all still call her Miss Kelly, because that’s who she’ll always be to us. ___________________________________

“So I have been checking your blog faithfully, as I have for over a year now, and have continued to see the same lovely cat day after day. I assumed that y’all were busy and understood the lack of blog updates. But after almost 2 months I assumed you must, surely, be up to something worth blogging about. So I put on my thinking cap and decided to go to your actual website. Where I found the missing piece of the puzzle. The website had been given a facelift. Almost 2 months ago. Ahem-so I’m clearly not the brightest bulb in the box =)

Anyway, I’m happy to have rediscovered your blog. I’ve carefully read through the archives while my family has begged for dinner. If I’d been smart I just would have ordered a pizza before I started catching up. The website looks great and I’m excited that you’re getting closer to move in day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Miss Kelly

P.S. My husband was very impressed with your large hard drive collection. He’s terribly excited about techy things!”

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