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‘The B-B-Broth-er’s-Aw-ay-At-Camp Blu-u-ues’

My boy couldn’t hardly sleep last night. He packed right away this morning, rounding up all his gear consisting of extra underwear, shoes, sleeping bag, pillow and a toothbrush. This is his first trip to camp, the stay-away kind that is. He’s excited, nervous, and filled with anticipation. There’s just one problem that I could see bubbling up beneath the surface as he was about to leave us….his little sis, who happens to regard her big brother as her best-est friend.

She thinks the world of him, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that we had a river coming soon as he got in the car and trailed off down the road. It was all she could do to even say goodbye, and I’m fairly certain she’ll be counting the minutes until his return, judging by the number of tears. 🙁

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