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The Bighorns in 08

An old friend of mine sent me an email that she was checking the blog, waiting for her Bighorn fix since she knew we’d been camping last week. Ironically, I had this great big panoramic of the mountain range that gets absolutely no justice being sized down on the internet. I was going to send it to her, just to give her a hard time. See, she now lives down on some warm, sunny beach, but she used to be a mountain girl. I used to be green with envy that she lived in the mountains. Now that she’s down on the Gulf, I think I’m still a little green. 🙂 Still, after being back for just a few days, I already miss it. There’s not much that compares to hearing a bull elk at suppertime, or having a cup of coffee over the fire with my dad, talking about how someday we’re gonna take the horses over that frosty, snow covered pass.

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