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The Clapp Family

We had the opportunity to photograph this family for the first time this month, and we enjoyed having them at the studio.

The little boy, Ashton, did a great job taking care of his new little sister Brielle. He was having a great time checking the place out, and rowdy as a boy can be, he still took time to hold her in his arms and give her some kisses, like any good brother should, right?

Brielle was just beautiful. Very curious and a happy little girl. She didn’t mind her brother holding her, but would much rather be in her daddy’s arms I think, minus the smothered kisses. 🙂

Every time we get to shoot a family with a newborn, it always starts Kari on this whole kick about having another. She literally looks for, and I would go as far to say makes up, a good excuse to hold the new baby. “Here, let me hold her while you change.” “Oh, I’ll calm her down.” “Ooo-oooo, Here we go, she had a little drool there….”

Yeah, right. Don’t be fooled, all of you new mom’s who visit us. She just wants to hold your new little bundle of joy, and then I get to hear about it for the next 2 weeks, how we should really have another. How 2 is good but 3 would be better. Oh, and she’s talked with another mom who has 3, and actually, the third is MUCH easier, because the first and second help out, and then they all play…. suuuuure. I’ll not be fooled! More diapers, more baby food, more bottles that endlessly have to be cleaned. More sleepless nights. I can hear her rebuttal even now…. “More Love! More Happiness! More room in your heart that you never even knew you had!”

Ack….Gag….Choking on the mushiness. 🙂 Just kidding.

I love those little rugrats. Only I don’t know if I want to be outnumbered just yet


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