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The Home Grown Study of Life Applications

Call us strange, but every year it’s a big deal in this family when we see the first veggies in our garden. There is a continual labor of love in watering and weeding, tilling the soil and preparing the ground. The lessons a person can learn while sitting in between the rows with nothing but quiet and time are invaluable. Ah, but then, one sunny morning when the birds are singing to the world, telling us all that we’re burning daylight, you walk outside and there in the midst of that labor of love is suddenly a new discovery…ah yes… the fruits of your labor.

So cute that we had to take a picture, and then, since we all take part in keeping out the weeds and watering, we decided to divide him into quarters. Everyone savored the taste, there were mmmmm’s and ahhhhh’s and sparkly eyes, even after my girl knocked my piece onto the floor. It still tasted good after a thorough washing. 🙂 Welcome to my family.

Who would believe that a simple, silly little garden could actually have anything to do with the course of one’s life. But my kids wouldn’t laugh at that. They’ve heard their Daddy make too many garden analogies about life, usually right when they start complaining about how hard it is to till or weed, or how dirty their fingernails are getting. And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a good place to learn a thing or two… Check out the bible some time. Jesus, God, even Paul talk about gardening or farming in some fashion or another in relation to life applications. The whole story begins in the garden. And it’s been my experience while spending time in that book – weeding, tilling, watering, Miracle-Growing the soul – that the fruit of that labor actually tastes even better than it looks.

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