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The January Special: Keep up the Spirit of Christmas! Food Drive and Pictures

Shall we see where this takes us? We’ve never done this before. A good friend of mine had this idea a week ago, and for some reason it’s stayed with me. We’re in our slow season, so if there’s a time to try something out of the box, it’s right now.

Now Through January 31st, 2010 bring in any 3 or more items from the list below and receive 1/2 off for a basic family session. It’s a win for you and a win for those you get to bless through your giving. All donations will go to the Food Pantry or to a family in need.

Food items/groceries

* Cold Cereal – Bags or Boxes * Hamburger & Tuna Helpers * Meats & Stews – Canned * Saltine Crackers – 16 oz boxes * Snacks & Cookies – Packaged * Chips – Packaged * Grape Jelly * Peanut Butter – 18 oz jars * Vegetables & Fruits – Canned

Personal care items *

* Toothpaste & Brushes * Deodorant * Shampoo * Conditioner * Skin lotion * Hard Soap

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