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The Jensens

This is the Jensen family, Tom, Tiffany, Sam and,(drumroll), the latest addition, Baby Laney! 🙂 It’s so exciting to see the family growing. What a blessing. Sam has turned out to be a great big brother with the way he watches over his new kid sister, and there’s already a wonderful bond between them. She thinks he’s the cat’s meow with the way she looks at him. Laney is a lucky little girl. Big Bro duties fulfilled, Sam still made sure to get his time in with Dad too. I watched Tom transform from husband and father into the Walking Human Jungle Gym. 🙂 It’s what we Dad’s are good for at this stage. Tiffany is beaming. She’s got her boy and her girl, and she seems very content. She smiles with her eyes and it’s easy to see she’s very happy. Tom’s got a new location in Sioux Falls for his Chiropractic services, and a great focus with attention to detail for kids. You can check out a little more about him by clicking this link for Your Family Chiropractor.

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