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The Lipizzaner Stallions

The grandparents took us out to see the Lipizzaner Stallions last night. I brought along my camera, planning to get some pictures of the kids watching the horses, because as we’ve already established, my camera is Super Glued to my hand. I got up to the entrance at the arena and they had to see inside my camera bag for what they said was a 9/11 protocol. Sure, I thought. No problem, we don’t want anyone blowing up the horses, and opened it up. When they saw the camera and lens, suddenly I’d somehow offended them. “Oh no, no, no! We can’t allow a camera THAT big in here! That’s going to have to go!” I said, “What do you mean, the sign says no Video Recording equipment, it didn’t say anything about cameras?” “Yes, but not cameras with lenses THAT big!” I said, “Well, I have a few different lenses, I can put a smaller lens on.” “Well, we only let in the little digital cameras.” My wife said, “This is a digital camera.”

Then, because apparently they thought I was causing a scene, (which if you know me, you’d know better), they called over the head security manager, who then told me to take my camera and put it back in the car, implying very clearly that I wouldn’t be seeing any horses otherwise.

They were very rude.

I complied, grudgingly, and would have eventually let it go after a little grumbling, but you know what really burned me? When I finally got up to my seat, the announcer told the audience that ANY photography, and even Flash photography, was permitted!

Point and Shoot cameras were popping off during the entire show. So in other words, I couldn’t bring my camera in because it was “too big”? To me, that’s just flat wrong and unfair. I’ve never been discriminated because of camera size before. I brought that camera to get pictures with my kids. I wanted to have a picture of my little girl’s face when they first came out of the curtain, just like anyone else. I can assume that the only reason my camera wasn’t allowed was because they were afraid someone might actually take a good close-up, high-res shot of the horses, and then, somehow, they wouldn’t be able to sell their own merchandise….? Ridiculous.

Long story short, I didn’t think it was right, so without further adieu…. I give you… The Lipizzaner Stallions. It seems my camera IS somehow Super Glued to my hand…. Darn thing. 😛

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