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The Rain

Sometimes I look out my office window to the darnedest things. All week, for example, there’s been a great big earth mover digging up our “front yard” to make room for a giant apartment complex. It was never really our front yard to be honest, just an open field with nothing but prairie grass and an old dirt hill that our kids laid claim to. They made a fort out of it, complete with adobe-style steps and a ladder, even had a kid club named The Bug Club on account of their expert bug-finding and capturing skills. So, to a kid, you can imagine, it was a sad day when they realized the dozers and tractors were pulling in to tear it all down. As the first scoop dug deep into the earth like warm butter, my girl hung her head and said, “Goodbye…Dirt hill…..(sigh)…Goodbye.”

Two days ago however, the big thunderboomers were moving through, and I looked out my office window to see this sight. Apparently the world had not ended and the sky was not falling…either that or warm rain can magically heal any blues. Their giggles and smiles were enough to make me stop working and grab the camera (i.e. playtime), and shoot from the dry stealthiness of the garage while these rascals soaked themselves, and the dog, to the bone.

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