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The Red Carpet

I was coming home from a late shoot in Sioux Falls and I got the call from my wife that the kids had decided they weren’t going to have supper without me. No matter what, they were waiting for their Daddy, so I did my best to get home.

Coming up the road next to our house I looked over and saw them both outside waiting for me, with both dogs decorated in what looked like silk bows of ribbon tied around their collars.

That’s pretty cool, I thought. Made my day, seeing them out their waiting for my truck to pop up over the hill. That would have been all I needed right there.

But then I pulled into our drive and was greeted by wife, who pointed out two signs on our doors. On one door was a sign from my girl, telling me to go around to the other door, just in case I might be coming in the wrong way. From the spelling, I’m guessing she was in quite a hurry.

On the other door was their greeting, along with some art work from my boy.

I opened the door to a purple satin “red carpet”, and my kids tossing what was left of the flower petals from Mother’s Day.

There were a dozen candles glowing and some soft music played in the background, my favorite band. They had sparkling cider in wine glasses, ready for toasting, and what I loved the most, our supper was tacos by candlelight. It was perfect.

I have no idea what I did to deserve it, but it was one of those moments I’ll never forget.

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