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The Sands Family

The Sands family was one of my favorite sessions of the year. It was a crisp, cold November day, certainly the kind of temperatures that bring about rosy cheeks and runny noses, but you’d never guess it from the pictures. Dean is a good friend of mine. I get to enjoy his company at our men’s bible study, so long as there’s not an animal within 1000 miles that needs to be hunted down (Dean lives, part of the year, for hunting), or there’s not a half-inch of snow on the ground… hee hee. Kris, on the other hand, is his better half. It’s easy to tell, as she keeps the home fires burning, and I don’t ever see her without a smile and something encouraging to say. She’s also got a great big heart to serve God with. Often times I see Jera in her own world, which really just reminds me of me when I was a kid. I could never keep myself from drifting into my own imaginations either, and while I eventually had to step into reality, I still miss losing hours in another place, simply to play. Just like her mom, when she smiles and it’s from her heart, the whole room warms up. Garrett on the other hand, is really getting deep into his guitar. Some of the more emotional shots was capturing his intensity as he picked those strings. He and I got to lay down a blues melody this weekend after church, acoustic to acoustic. I hope my boy picks up on music that way. It would be fun to pass it on. One great thing about their shoot was that we did it at their home. Everything was comfortable, and the colors were very rustic and earthy. From the old chicken coup to the wavering barn with it’s own yarns to tell, we all seemed to step into a story that was aching to be told.

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