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The Silvey's

Since I got off social media I've realized just how much I used all of those platforms as a tool for sharing our sessions and our work. We used to post images from a session and a few thousand people would see them instantly and share them. Now It's just going to be the people who visit our site. I guess that's part of the trade-off, but looking back I've really enjoyed NOT being on social media. Not keeping up with the whole world every day has actually a sort of freedom that I didn't realize I had lost. This blog can serve as that same conduit, I suppose. That's how it began anyway, clear back in 2005, 5 years after Blogger came into existence, sharing thoughts and images. We jumped platforms several times since then and many of those images have been lost, but the words are still there going back 15 years. To me, that's still worth something.

So here are the Silvey's. They are a very sweet family that just moved here from California. Mom was a little surprised I left my camera bag and lights unattended in the park and said she wasn't used to that, and there was also mention of how nice it was not to look for dirty syringes when we sat down in the grass. Their oldest boy reminded us exactly of our own son when he was that age. Smart as a whip, shy and reserved (until you get to know him), with eyes brimming and full of life.

The little guy didn't appreciate the 97-degree heat, but he was still a trooper and from time to time he let that furrowed brow loosen up for a smile here and there. It was a nice day at the park, and there was even some time to swing.

So many things we take for granted.

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