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The Stettnichs Family

This is Chris, Heather, Ellie, Megan, and the new addition, Camryn. They are a young family, full of life and excitement, especially with the new baby girl. Poor Chris, he is surrounded, outnumbered, and completely subject to the whims of this family full of girls. I have one girl, and oh my, the drama. I get the third-degree every time I pull on my boots to go to work in the morning. Pouty faces, bottom lips dragging….sad puppy-dog eyes… and she’s only 2!

Chris doesn’t have a prayer.

I’m sure, of course, that there are benefits to such staggering odds in a household. Maybe in some strange way they take pity on you, like the under-dog or something, and then start to go easier on Dad. But then I think, no, they are girls. They take up bathrooms, stand in front of mirrors, require hours to get ready, and they don’t play fair. They give you these sad eyes and watch us melt while we bend over backwards to do anything for them.

How can that be fair?

My boy and I, we wrestle. I asked him yesterday why it is that every time he sees me we have to wrestle. He just looked back and said, “Dad, hello. We’re boys!” And amazingly, I understood that. It’s in our genes, just what we’re made of. “Sure I can wrestle, have you seen this move?! Arrrrrgggh!” At the same time, here’s my little girl, hanging onto my leg with her biggest bear hug, snuggled up so tight. She wasn’t going to let me out of her sight for the rest of the day…. Take that, multiply by 3, plus a mommy.

Poor, poor, poor-poor Chris. Oh well, he doesn’t look like he’s too worried about it, does he?


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