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The Thompsons

We first started shooting the Thompsons back when Noah was just a baby, out at the park 2 years ago. Now we’ve got little Aspen in the mix too, and this family is just growing right up in front of us. Noah is definitely on the move at his age, zoom zoom zoom, and Aspen was a trooper! Ear infection and all, she still gave us some very beautiful smiles and even her happy eyes. 🙂 This is the first time we’ve gotten Rick, (dad) to join us for the shoot, so it was an entirely different break from the past shoots, which was great 🙂 Rick is very busy these days, not only with these 2 rascals hanging off of each arm, he’s also starting up a brand new, hopping restaurant in Sioux Falls, called Bracco. You may have tasted the likes of Rick’s cooking through Minervas restaurant (my favorite). I had hourdevours that this guy made once at a Chamber event, and even those were amazing! Some people just have a knack for it, that’s for sure. Bracco just opened up yesterday, so go check it out. It’s definitely on our To Do list.

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