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The Thury's

This was another fun trip to the park. Older sis could have easily stolen the show, but she was very patient and waited when it was time for her little sister's pictures. I thought that was very sweet.

Little sis was a lot like me growing up. She is starting out with some vision issues that they are correcting, but mostly she's just a toddler at the dawn of her great exploration of the world, so the guy with the camera just isn't as interesting as that ant or that flower or that bird. :). I get that. I wouldn't be very interested in me either.

I was born blind in my left eye and very deficient in my right eye. Doctors told my mom and dad I would be blind, could be deaf, and would most likely be retarded (just the word they used back then). It caused a lot of hard times in their marriage thinking about those challenges, but God had different plans. :). I ran into nearly everything a kid could run into, and because I have no depth perception I ended up with stitches so often it became a common occurrence.

When I watched her through the lens it reminded me a lot of me as a young boy. I couldn’t see things far off and couldn’t focus, so I focused on the things right in front of my face and the world I was tuned into was very close, not much bigger than a few feet.

But, all that focusing on the close-up things gave me a very unique perspective on life and people. I saw God’s beauty in every single blade of grass and still do. My vision kept me from doing a lot of things I have wanted to do in life, but it also let me see God’s signature in the world and in people.

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