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The Weber Family

We finally got a chance to have a family shoot with the Weber family recently. We had a nice day after the studio shoot so we went outdoors to the park. Little Alivea loved it. This is a perfect example of why I’m so attracted to shooting outside. There is no backdrop more beautiful than God’s green earth and a kid who gets a chance to just be a kid. A studio is great, it’s a blessing to have, and I don’t take it for granted, But being outside is somehow just so much more freeing. I wish there were some way to bring that indoors over the winter. Maybe Winter just hangs around to make me appreciate this all the more? We’re getting the final bids for our new studio. I’m thinking there’s definitely going to be plenty of natural light. When I was a kid, and well, even into college, I was always getting in trouble for daydreaming during class. I’d glance out the window during Math and that would be it for me. x+y-z didn’t matter anymore. My mind was out there, far, far away from the green on the chalkboard…

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