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Tim’s Senior Session

Tim brought along his girlfriend for his senior session, and there were no problems getting a good smile out of him with her by his side…imagine that. We tried some different angles and light and I really like what we pulled out.

I love to study people as we shoot. One thing I can tell you about Tim, he has a tremendous focus and the potential to change the world. It’s there beneath the everyday, beneath the culture of high school life, just hidden from plain view. But it’s there. It’s as simple as the determination of his voice when he talks about football or wrestling. Put it to you this way, I caught one of those quirky documentaries on PBS the other night, the making of a Samari Sword, and I was intrigued, literally transfixed. Hundreds of years ago the ancients figured out how to forge two steels together. Without understanding the science of it, the old masters forged some of the most powerful swords of all time. The outer core, which is the strongest and yet the most brittle, had to be superheated and folded over onto itself time and time again. Then, at just the right moment, they’d wrap that hard steel around a softer, more bendable steel. At the atomic level, those two metals would come together to form one of the most pristine instruments the world has ever known. They were unsurpassed in sharpness and their strength was almost unmatched.

That’s what I see when I see a guy like Tim. A soul with all the raw properties for greatness. A little time, a little refining in the fire, some patience and some molding… In my humble opinion, not trying to force anything here, but I’ve seen what happens when a guy like Tim finds Christ. They set the world on fire.

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