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’tis the (other) season…

Okay, I’ve got a spare 6 minutes between weddings and back-up file transfers to post something. 3 weddings, blessings, this weekend! Yikes. I’m still reeling, and I’ve yet to step into the third, (1 hour away). I’m sorry to be sliding on the blog. We’re right in the middle of our wedding season, and preparing proofs has to take some precedent over my ranting, therapeutic as it may be. 🙂 Things have been crazy-busy these past weeks. Lot’s of training time for my assistant, Angela, who by the way, was proposed to by her boyfriend. She’s now leaving us in November to be married and to start her new life. (I’ve been trying to talk her into waiting a few years, sorry Michael, still, I’ve had no such luck 🙂 I obviously don’t have her best intentions at heart, Kari says. Besides, I know she’s not going to listen to me, so I’ll just have to get over it….someday.)

These kids have their sites set on the fall, when he will whisk her away in marital bliss, and I’ll be left to discover her replacement. Can’t you just hear the grumbling in my voice?


I’ll post some of their upcoming engagements in the coming week.

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