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These two little guys are Cooper and Sawyer. Can you beleive that Tina just had them a few short weeks ago? They were both right at home in their Mommy and Daddy’s arms. So much so they just did not want to wake up, especially with the warm cozy studio lights. Everything was quiet and peaceful, and when we took off the diapers, one of these little rascals (who shall remain anonymous) sprung a leak on Dad. It was still cute, and once everyone got cleaned back up, we were off shooting again. 🙂 (with diapers in place)

Tina came down to get her proofbook before her baby shower this week, with a baby carrier on each arm. Wow! Super Mom here! It won’t be much longer though and that will be enough of that.

Just a side note, I’m leaving on a trip to New Orleans, so things might get a little quiet around here. I’ve got several shoots that I’m anxious to post on the blog though, just as soon as I get back. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you love your little ones as much as you can. They are gifts, and we only get to hold onto them for just a little while. Take care!

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