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Water in Your Cloud

Ever had your mouth so dry

Your tongue begins to swell?

Ever hoped to drink so bad

In the prison of your hell?

Ever wished so hard

That the Lord above would hear,

Come runnin' to your rescue

And just chase away your fear?

Ever drop down to your knees

Hold your head and cry aloud,

But hot air and wind is all there is

In that old waterless cloud?

Ah, the stupid, foolish things we trust,

Such a misery they bring,

When they leave us high and in their dust

With their own brand of pain.

Then along You came

With this fresh idea of hope

Seemed awfully silly to a man

Hangin by the end of a rope.

But You cared too much, didn’t You?

You spit into my dirt.

Didn’t worry bout what they thought.

You just felt my hurt.

You reached down with Your Amen

And laid Your hand upon my cheek,

Told me everything I never knew

And now I am not weak.

I wonder now if anyone knows?

If not I’ll shout it loud,

I am not thirsty anymore.

'There’s a lot of water in Your cloud'.

d.c.elliott 3.16.22 --dedicated to Renee Miller, so we don't forget. ;)

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