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What Does a Peanut Look Like If You Let it Grow?

(Abigail, before she was born)

South Dakota is an interesting place to live. Our state is made up of a people who have the fortitude to stomach the hard issues. How many American legislatures have historically tackled the issue of humanity, supporting an unpopular, yet rising tide of undeniable truth, to champion the rights of the innocent. I’m speaking of the inalienable rights of any man to be free, the roots of which gave us as a country an end to slavery and a beginning to the rights of the woman, then the minority, and now today, the child.

We must rise above the calculated slogans of smear campaign tactics that have muddied the water and even the truth, so that we can stand as we were meant to, united. The men, women and children of this state can still see clearly enough to debate what is truly the single most defining question in America today:

Should Our Country Protect the Life of the Innocent?

Regardless of your belief, do you agree that this question holds a truth, South Dakota? 1. Today, we have the right to terminate pregnancy, ending the life of a baby. South Dakota is trying to form a law that will begin to protect that child. 2. We know that the child is alive. There is a heartbeat. To end the pregnancy, the mother must abort that life. 3. We know that the child is of all things, innocent. Regardless of circumstance or the mother’s political persuasion, regardless of whether we want to debate when his or her life began, this child, in the mother’s womb…could anyone be more innocent or more deserving of the rights and freedoms of which Americans have so courageously fought to pass down?

Ask instead: Will You Help Protect the Life of the Innocent?

What does a peanut look like if you let it grow… See for yourself. Here’s my Peanut:

(Abigail today)

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