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Who You Are

I get so tired.

I get so down.

Like nothin’s ever gonna

Go my way again.

When those feelings

Come back around,

Gotta open the door

Let the light back in.

I forgot what Your favor looked like,

I forgot how good it can feel.

But when I dipped my toes back in Your grace,

Livin’, lovin’ never felt more real.

As I’ve ran my race

There’s nothin’ I can say

That justifies the stupid lies

I’ve told along the way.

But Your mercy never fails.

Your arms are open wide.

There’s nowhere that I go, I know

No place I can hide.

You chase me.

You pursue me.

You draw me.

You knew me.

Show me now my heart,

Show me what You see.

I’ve laid on the ground,

poured dust on my head,

I’ve been stained with sin,

Yes, I have been dead.

You make the stars my compass,

The moon to give her light.

I know of no darkness

That You cannot make bright.

I asked You to take my life

But You made the earth my bed.

I threw this gift up in your face,

But You showed me love instead.

It had nothing to do with me

It’s just the way You love.

No scar of mine has earned the right

To traverse the skies above.

Only by Your mercy,

There but by Your grace.

I run to You, all I can do

Is stare up at Your face.

And drink deeply of this truth

That I cannot deny,

Your love for me is wild and free

Deep As it is wide.

d.c.elliott 3.14.22

I call this one my Birthday Seconding because I wrote this song in church. I was very happy about the flow and the imagery. Thought I was quite original. Then the next day (on my birthday) I read Psalm 139, and came to find David imagined the same scenery long, long before I did, a few thousand years before me.

It's still a good song.

Good job David.

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