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Why Worship?

Why must we worship when life is crashing down? Why must we raise our gaze when there are a world of things that just need to be set straight? Is that an excuse to be irresponsible, to avoid or ignore the issue? Hands and feet, right? God gave us a brain, yes?

I think it’s just the opposite. I think when we feel like worship is the last thing we have time for, busy becomes our excuse, and in truth we are effectively telling God, “I got this.” Doesn’t that sound overwhelmingly foolish when you look at it on its face like that? “I’m sorry, Maker of Heaven and Earth, One Who Knit My Soul, The Beginning and The End who knows yesterday, today and tomorrow, Great I AM. I need to take this out of Your hands and put it in my own. I need some results here.”

Why do we praise Him in this storm? You may as well ask yourself why you call 911 when there’s an emergency. That’s what you do in trouble. You call for help. Otherwise next time, when you’re moving a heavy load like a dresser or something down the stairs and you trip and fall, when all that weight is coming down on your head, just call out to the other person holding the other end, “I got this. You just stand there and watch. I don’t need any help.”

Worship isn’t just for when we feel all cozy and warm and life is sunny skies with smooth sailing. Far be it. That’s like saying language is only of use when there’s poetry to write and songs to sing. A friend recently shared this image and I want to share it here as well. I think you may as well title it: “Top Reasons to Worship”

Lift your eyes unto the hills, and fix your gaze not on what is seen, but what is unseen… Psalm 121, 2 Cor 4:6-18, Psalm 42 Go read. Soak. Reflect. Ponder….then worship. You think it sounds silly. I dare you to try it.

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