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Wylie & Miss Teen South Dakota

We’ve shot Miss South Dakota and Mrs. South Dakota, and now we’ve had a session with Wylie, a contestant for the new Miss Teen South Dakota. She is as beautiful as they come, blonde hair, blue eyes, dimples, and a stunning smile. Every now and then she’d laugh a certain way and you’d think you were looking at a young Christie Brinkley. But on top of all that was the part that really matters – Wylie is a sweetheart. Polite, courteous and brimming with charm. My assistant Melissa was a former pageant queen so she was in on the shoot with me, keeping an eye out for the smallest details and diligently bringing the fan at just the perfect angle to get that ever-so-slight flip in Wylie’s hair. Angelique, the owner of Platinum Imagination (and our personal favorite) did the makeup and styling, and this girl looked like a fresh summers breeze from the moment she walked in the door. Best of luck to you Wylie.

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