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My little girl lost her front tooth, finally, last night. We’re all excited, because it’s been a daily topic at every meal you know, with what she can and can’t be biting into…for the last month at least.

So this morning, Kari and I are sitting together trying to have some ‘us’ time, cup of joe, read a little from the bible, hash out life for a few minutes…then tummy’s start to rumble. In comes Abby, short-n-to-the-point, because there’s only 2 minutes and 2 seconds of commercials before the cartoons are back on (it’s Saturday). She’s really wanting pancakes, but just not any old flapjack. She wants the kind that mommy tries to make with fun animal shapes and the cookie cutter thingamajigs.

Kari has a tough time with these. The animals, well, sometimes they don’t resemble animals, more like the kind you see on the side of the highway, and believe it or not, it’s actually a very stressful thing for moms to not be able to make these. My mom tried it months ago (after she bought them for Kari), and by the end of the fiasco, there were clumps of pancake everywhere and she was crying… they should call them joy dashers, I think. I’m a man, so I just can’t understand the why, I just know the facts, these animal-shaped flapjacks are important and crucial to the stability of the family circle. 🙂

Back to the story. Kari gets this troubled look on her face, instant-anguish, morning ‘us’ time has suddenly evaporated as if it never existed in the first place…all bliss is now on the back burner…and she says, “I don’t know honey, those animal pancakes really stress mommy out, I’m not very good at making those,” to which my daughter, who can no longer say her S’s after losing her front tooth last night, responds, “Yeshuarr, Mom! Yesh-u-arr!” It was pure encouragement from a 6 year old, it just took some deciphering. (Yes You Are!)

In the time it took me to type this, it seems we’ve had some success in the pancake animal kingdom. Tummy’s are hard, warm, full and happy. One child says they were great, mommy says she had to cut them all up, and the little encourager of the morning, she has one word, “Disashhter.”

The kitchen tells the rest of the story… monkey heads, elephant trunks, lion noses everywhere….oh the humanity!

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